Brian’s Story

Brian Johnson is a recreational endurance athlete and blogger of fitness, exercise and endurance experiences. Brian holds a bachelor of arts degree in Movement and Sport Science with a double major in Exercise and Fitness from Purdue University. Brian enjoys helping others run down their dreams and reach their fitness goals.

The History

At one time I was 75 pounds over weight and decided to make a change so I started running to get myself out of the “You could die at any minute zone.” Running has given me a lot and I am passionate about helping others.

I remember my first race was a 5K in which I placed dead last. Since then I’ve ran half marathons, marathons and even completed Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge at Walt Disney World twice and as of January 2015 I completed The Dopey Challenge running 48.6 miles across four races in four days!  I like to help people get active whether they want to run a 5K or a full marathon one day. Write me a quick note and I’m happy to answer your training questions or find you a resource that can help.

If my blog posts don’t come fast and furious from time to time it may be because I work full-time in addition to my love of running. On top of that I need to keep the lawn mowed and spend some time with my wife. We adopted two kiddos a few years back so we’re always runnin’ around even when I’m not running around. Other than cutting the grass, working, training, and family time I also am earning my PhD in education so I may have to take a few days off from writing my blog to write a dissertation.

Happy Training!


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