Brian’s Story

Brian Johnson is a recreational endurance athlete and blogger of fitness, exercise and endurance experiences. Brian holds a bachelor of arts degree in Movement and Sport Science with a double major in Exercise and Fitness from Purdue University. Brian enjoys helping others run down their dreams and reach their fitness goals.

The History

At one time I was 75 pounds over weight and decided to make a change so I started running to get myself out of the “You could die at any minute zone.” Running has given me a lot and I am passionate about helping others.

I remember my first race was a 5K in which I placed dead last. Since then I’ve ran half marathons, marathons and even completed Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge at Walt Disney World twice and as of January 2015 I completed The Dopey Challenge running 48.6 miles across four races in four days!  I like to help people get active whether they want to run a 5K or a full marathon one day. Write me a quick note and I’m happy to answer your training questions or find you a resource that can help.

If my blog posts don’t come fast and furious from time to time it may be because I work full-time in addition to my love of running. On top of that I need to keep the lawn mowed and spend some time with my wife. Other than cutting the grass, working, training, and family time I also am earning my PhD in education so I may have to take a few days off from writing my blog to write a dissertation and run to class.

Of course you can also follow me on Twitter @TheRunningMan23 for more regular updates on my whimsical musings and daily workouts.  I’ll put the big stuff here and the more mundane there…or you can even look me up on The Daily Mile. I’m everywhere!

Happy Training!


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