Running Bucket List

I hear all the time about “bucket lists.” If you could run any race regardless of location or distance what race would you run? Here are a few of mine!

  1. The Chicago Marathon
  2. The New York City Marathon
  3. London Marathon
  4. The Berlin Marathon
  5. The Tokyo Marathon
  6. The Boston Marathon
  7. Athens Marathon
  8. Big Sur
  9. Space Coast
  10. Dublin Marathon
  11. Rock n Roll Vegas
  12. Inca Trail Marathon to Michu Picchu
  13. Maratona di Roma
  14. The Great Wall Marathon
  15. Islandsbanki Reykjavik Marathon (Iceland)
  16. The Great Ocean Road Marathon (Australia)
  17. The LA Marathon
  18. Niagara Falls International Marathon
  19. Pikes Peak Marathon
  20. Marathon de la Baie du Mont Saint-Michel (France)
  21. The St. Jude Memphis Marathon
  22. Hood to Coast Relay
  23. Napa Valley Marathon
  24. Marine Corp Marathon
  25. Mayor’s Marathon—Anchorage, Alaska
  26. Honolulu Marathon

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