Running a Marathon is so Much Easier with DVR

Hello all! I’ve had a busy couple of weeks! I always talk about goals and as you might imagine I have several besides losing a couple pounds and running a mile or two here and there.

It seems that a few years from now I will be a doctor. No, not the medical kind. Not too long ago I was accepted into a PhD program for education so I’m a little pumped at the moment and wanted to share! This made me realize that now I have a lot of studying to do in addition to my full-time job, family time, running schedule, volunteer schedule and of course blogging about it all! Whew!

It seems the more I train the more I rely on my DVR, that wonderful piece of equipment that keeps me in touch with all my favorite characters like Greg House, Steven Tyler, and Jillian. It allows me to say goodnight earlier than some 10 year olds so I get the proper amount of rest for the next day’s training. Thank you to whoever invented DVR because that’s one less thing to keep me from being well rested for my next run/workout and it makes running a marathon just a little easier….it makes that .2 at the end just fly by!

My training on Tuesday was a “Pace Run”. What is that you might ask? Well, a pace run for me is when I want to build endurance at a specific pace usually faster than my average race pace but not so fast that I cannot maintain it for some mileage. Right now my half-marathon PR is 02:19:52 and my 5K PR is 27:04.8 so I use these two numbers to help calculate my pace run speed.  Since I’m trying to build endurance at a faster pace so I started at a pace that challenged me, but wasn’t at my best 5K pace and built distance from there. Over the past several weeks I’ve built my distance on a 9:30min/mile pace and I continue to build this out.

The nice thing is that it helps me push harder on interval and tempo runs and it has really made my LSD and easy runs…well easier! Of course, I always warm-up first for .5 to 1 mile before I go up to my target pace. Remember to build up your distance at this faster pace.  It’s not intended for you to “just run faster” and still cover the same distance you would on an LSD run. These runs are not the same. To increase speed that much for your normal distance would invite injury.

I couldn’t read a calendar last week so I have a 10K race THIS Saturday. I’m excited about it since I’ve never raced that distance before! I have a tempo run Wednesday, an easy run Thursday, a 1-2 mile short run Friday. Then, I get to pin on a race bib Saturday morning. My last race bib was at Disney January 9th. Let’s hope I channel some magic from Walt’s gang on Saturday morning for a good PR! I’m guaranteed one since it’s my first 10K!  🙂

Now it’s time to let my DVR do its job and get some rest!

Happy Training!


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