Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break My Stride…

So now that you are singing that 1983 hit from Matthew Wilder (or you are now) please keep reading as you hum! Also, as a little fun fact…I’m surprised at how many people online think the Australian rock band “Men at Work” sings that song. Thank you Youtube and thank you Wikipedia.

Since my last check-in here at the wide world of WordPress I’ve been hitting the gym almost daily only missing one day last week. I take the weekends off from the gym to recover, but use my time wisely each morning Monday – Friday. Everything has been going great and I can say that my Indianapolis Mini-Marathon training is back on track. This is good since I have just 65 days left!

This morning was an interval session on the treadmill also known as speed work. This was my first interval training since December and maybe even November of last year.

I warmed-up with a single mile at a 10min/mile pace and then jumped into 400m (1/4 mile) intervals. Here’s how it panned out after the warm-up.

1 x 400m @ 9:05 pace (R.I. 400m @ 10min pace)
3 x 400m @ 8:57 pace (R.I. 400m @ 10min pace)
1 x (400×2 = 800) @ 8:57/8:34 paces (No R.I. between)

I was feeling so good at the end of interval #5 that I decided to finish up and not do the rest interval. Instead I kicked it up a notch to an 8:34 pace and then went into cool-down for a half mile again at a 10min/mile pace for just a half mile. As I type this out I’m sitting at my desk drinking my EAS AdvantEDGE shake. Remember, recovery and nutrition is a key contributor to success. As for my next speed workout, I’m looking forward to throwing in some 800s.

Otherwise my plan is to do all my warm-ups, cool-downs, and easy runs at a 10min (6mph) pace. I’m unsure at this point if I have enough time to train well enough to hit my sub 2-hour half goal at the mini-marathon, but it’s more of a 2012 goal than a mini-marathon goal so we’ll see.

Until next time, Happy Training.


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