New Disney Marathon Course for 2013!

Ok, so there I was sitting at my desk and an email hits my inbox from a friend of mine who is a fellow “runner of the world”.  The subject line of the email…”new wdw marathon course!”  Really?  I mean REALLY?!?!!? First, it’s the 20th anniversary of the Disney marathon and now runDisney tempts us with a new course as well???  Oh, come on!

Sorry….my fit is over now.

See the video of the new course!

And here’s the 2013 map!

A couple of cool additions to the marathon course AND a 20th anniversary medal!

Happy Training!


One thought on “New Disney Marathon Course for 2013!”

  1. The map’s what got me to sign up! Couldn’t resist (and I received free RT plane tickets at the same time…so it was a sign to do it)

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