Oh Deer!

Ok actually it was a doe, a deer, a female deer…you know the rest…and there were four of them. The herd of deer was just one of the sights I came across while on my 13+ miler two Saturday’s ago.  The weather was perfect and I was out the door before 8am to enjoy a nearly two and a half hour run with much of it being on trails in Eagle Creek State Park. At Eagle Creek you have the choice to run out in the woods or on the paved roads that go through the park.  I opted primarily for the trails and loved it. I initially took the long way to get to the park circling the Colts Football Complex.  There are soccer fields behind the main complex and running around those made for a great warm up. After I exited the trails I ran up 56th street for some time and then turned around to come back home circling the sports complex again for good measure. All in all I did over 5.5 miles outside the state park so having run around 7 miles on trails is a great accomplishment.  Trails are a tad more surprising and a better workout than flat pavement!

Overall a great week of running.  Now that we’ve moved I am right next door to the state park and can’t wait for things to quiet down so I can head out the door on Saturday mornings to head down the street for a run instead of hopping in my car.

2 thoughts on “Oh Deer!”

  1. I love trail runs! I think this might be my cross country runner coming out, but I just find road runs so boring..and treadmills I try to completely avoid. Trail runs are the best for me!

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