As I was reading through someone else’s running blog today I realized I needed to update my own on the topic of the upcoming year!  Always a fun subject to write about I looked ahead at my 2013 race schedule and realized that I already have a fairly full schedule even though I’m taking a step back this year to concentrate on family and studies both of which I am excited about for 2013! So assuming the Mayans are wrong; read on for my 2013 race schedule!

2013 Race Schedule:

  • January: Walt Disney World Marathon
  • March: Indianapolis Mini Marathon Training Series 10K
  • April: Carmel Marathon
  • April: Indianapolis Mini Marathon Training Series 15K
  • May: Indianapolis Mini Marathon
  • June: Hamilton County Park to Park Relay (64 Miles Relay)
  • October: Chicago Marathon?

Since we are adopting kids this year the Chicago Marathon is a maybe as we have an Official First Family Trip planned to Disney World in the fall with an open date. If it works out I’ll run Chicago. If not, then Chicago will have to wait for another year cause we are goin’ to Disney World!

Happy Training!


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