Triathlon Training

Today is Day 3 of a 20 week full Ironman triathlon training program that I am doing to prepare myself for the 70.3 REV3 triathlon in which I will participate on September 7th. Why a full training program for a half event? Well, as you know I am not the best swimmer and am still meeting with a coach who I have dubbed “The Minnow” on a weekly basis.  I may even extend the coaching sessions another 10 weeks just so I have someone pushing me through the summer.

I am doing the 20 week program so I will be more than prepared (doubly prepared actually) to jump into lake Erie in September and swim for 1.2 miles.  Because if you are running and you get tired then you walk, if you are riding and you get tired then you coast, but if you are swimming in the middle of lake Erie and get tired then you drown…I don’t want to drown!

So far I love the Ironman training.  Monday was a rest day followed by a bike and swim Tuesday morning.  This morning I was technically supposed to do a swim followed by a 40 minute easy ride, but the pool heater at LA Fitness is broken so I’ll just sub in my swim coach session tonight in lieu of a morning swim in the ice water. Friday is an interval run day (albeit an easier one as I have a half marathon this weekend too).  The weekends will see endurance rides and endurance runs with some other type of  exercise following to work on transitions.  This Sunday is supposed to be a 6 mile run followed by a 1000 yard swim.  Sunday is the day after my half marathon so it’ll be a recovery run for me….and then a 1000 yard “recovery” swim.

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