Count Chocula Cereal is the Everest of Carb Loading

Today’s morning run was sponsored in part by Count Chocula Cereal!  Count Chocula…blah, blah…BlahBlahBlah…

2014-09-20 07.56.43
Pics of me with the cut-out mask will come soon.

Today was day 114 of my RunStreak! I have two runs planned for the day and the first I did 3.56 miles in just under 30 minutes for an overall estimated pace of 8:21/mile. This isn’t a bad pace considering I stopped for a selfie a half mile into the run.

2014-09-20 07.16.35 HDR
It’s definitely time to shave my head again!

Hope you have a great run today!  If you haven’t started training for Disney Marathon weekend and are signed up then you better get to hopping!   Ok, don’t actually hop that could be bad.

Happy Training!


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