To All the Haters

To all my Haters,

I know that I am “slow.” I know that I am boring to run with, but please believe me that I am doing the best I can. I know there are those of you who regardless of my dedication will never like me and never accept me for what I am. You don’t care that I get up early every single day regardless of the weather and relentlessly pursue whatever goal is set before me. You don’t care that there are some things that are out of my control. You still blame me. You still call me names. You still curse at me sometimes even to my face. You use words like “hate.” You say that you dread being around me. You sulk and complain when you know you have to see me the next day. I think worst of all is that you post horrible things about me on social media. You make me the punchline of so many jokes it has almost become second nature for you to refer to me as anything but helpful.

While I recognize that you may never like me I hope maybe that you will at least try to think of me in a slightly more positive light. After all, I’ve been there for you on countless occasions so maybe…just maybe…you can choose to have a positive attitude when we see each other so our time together isn’t so bad in your mind. Maybe…just maybe…you choose to not follow the crowd and instead of hating me you choose to accept me as a part of your journey.

Your friend,
The Treadmill

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