The Consistency Experiment: Day 1

Yesterday I turned 42. Yay me. What better time to start a new health experiment than on Day 1 of my 43rd year.

The longer I train myself and train others the more I am convinced that our habits have the greatest impact on our health and fitness including our ability to manage our weight, our level of flexibility, our endurance, our sports performance, and really our overall wellbeing.

I look at habits as what we consistently do either each day or just on a regular basis. We have exercise habits, eating habits, sleep habits, relationship habits, thought habits, and so on.

So today I embark on a more intentional long-term plan focused on healthy habits. Consistency will be key on this journey. I rededicated myself starting this morning with an easy 5K run followed by a 45-minute spin class. Once I was at my desk this morning I sat by my sun lamp for a bit which has been helping me sleep better at night (sleep health).

I hope to share parts of my journey here as a part of my healthy habit of regular journaling.

Here’s a to a good 43rd trip around the sun.

Happy Training,


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