Still on Course

It’s amazing how work can get in the way of a good blog post…or even a bad blog post. It’s also amazing how a month and four days can go by in a flash. That being said, I’m still on track and being consistent in my training.

I’ve settled into a rhythm of MWF with a 2 mile run followed by a 45 minute spin class for two of those days. On Wednesdays I lift for 30 minutes before spin. This schedule seems to be working for me as far as consistency.

In the past month I’ve had to tweak the schedule a bit for a work trip, another trip to New Orleans for a fun weekend, holiday gatherings, and some dissertation work, but otherwise the MWF schedule is on point for my needs and keeps me well rested to be effective at work and to hit it hard for the workouts.

This morning I did try a new circuit workout with dumbbells, albeit off schedule. I found the circuit on men’s health…I’m always trying new workouts. I have to say that I like it and I am confident that 1) I will be sore tomorrow. 2) Spin class will be less fun tomorrow as a result. and 3) I’m going to figure out a way to do this circuit twice per week possibly replacing my usual Wednesday lifting time and then perhaps adding a day. It took me 50 minutes to complete the entire session, which is a full body workout, plus 20 minutes of walking. I walked before and after the circuit of which I did three sets today. My muscles are shaking and my core is done so I know it’s a good workout…plus I was sucking air a couple times too which is always a good indicator.

I’ll get into the specifics of the circuit on the next post…maybe even before Xmas!

Happy Training,



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