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Sprints…in the Pool

As I wrote on my Facebook Page I love running intervals on the track or the treadmill.  400s, 800s, 1Ks, 1200, mile repeats, even 3200s all are a great interval challenge! I’m not super fast, but I can hit the 7-min mile pace for 400s and 800s. I really enjoy interval workouts as you get in, get the mileage done fast and get back out again with time to spare for corn flakes!

On Thursday “The Minnow” decided I needed to do sprints (intervals) in the pool.  She asked if I wanted to do 25 yards or 50 yards for distance.  I chose 50 yards as I wanted to push it. Yep, I am an idiot! Halfway back on the 2nd 50 yard sprint I had no kick left. I was going as fast as I could and just wore myself out in two sprints. I told The Minnow that I needed to switch to 25s. She agreed and told me that I only get 30 seconds rest instead of 45 seconds…great.

I went for 25 yards, rested, went back another 25 yards rested…then The Minnow said that since I was changing my mind that she’d change her mind too.  I was doing two 50s followed by four 25s then two 50s followed by four more 25s…again…great.

By the end of it I had nothing left. I was spent. I had zero kick. I was breathing (barely) like the first time I had tried to run a mile back in 1994. I could feel every inch of every muscle fiber in my triceps muscles. My legs were two noodles in the pool.

BUT WAIT! There’s more!  We have 10 minutes left?!?!?

Says The Minnow, “Go get this 10 pound brick off the bottom of the deep end. Oh, and since we are at the wrong end of the pool you can do one more 25 yard sprint to the other end of the pool!”

The Stupid Brick
The Stupid Brick

I swear if I survive this then I am buying her a 10 pound brick for graduation so she’ll have an extra and I can quit diving to the bottom of the pool to get one. I’m not joking…they cost $35.

After a couple tries I finally got the stupid brick and lesson #3 ended. I really hate that stupid brick.

Happy Training!