FIRST day back…pun intended

After two weeks off from running I hit the treadmill this morning at 5:00am for my 1st FIRST Key Workout in what seemed like a lot longer than 2 weeks! Key Workout #1 each week is Interval Training and today called for 1-kilometer repeats (x5) at an approximate 8:10/mile pace.  For those who can’t do kilometer to mile conversions in their head… 1 kilometer = .62 miles.

The first three intervals were good, but I could tell I had lost a little speed over the last couple weeks. The last two were a bit more brutal. I was toggling between 7.4 and 7.3 mph on the TM for the last two intervals. I also slowed down a bit more for the 400m RIs for the last to Rest Intervals to 5.0mph.

Tomorrow is a cross training and lifting day. I plan to take a step back on the cross training intensity so I can focus more on the Key Running Workouts.  The cross training days will be for recovery from here on out!

Happy Training!


One thought on “FIRST day back…pun intended”

  1. We should lift together. I will be there to lift total body and swim but I don’t know what time. Jose is off so I don’t need to be on early but it would be fun to hang out. Send me a text if you get this.

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