A Goofy Weekend

Last weekend I set out with a good friend of mine to do a little specific training for the Goofy Challenge in January. I met up with my friend Dennis on Saturday morning before the sun was up and we ran a mildly windy 7 miles.  The run was good and we finished strong in the last quarter mile.  We did our run out in the country near corn fields and farmers completing their harvest for the fall season.

Sunday we met up again, but this time the distance to hit was 17 miles!  The run was good albeit the wind did not cooperate. On our way out the wind was blowing, but not too hard.  As we started into our 8th mile with the wind behind us all of a sudden it picked up big time!  As we turned around the 15-20 mile/hour wind was quite a challenge so we slowed the pace considerably walking at times until we rounded the corner for the final stretch.

Total time was 3.5 hours for the 17 miles.  I used two Accel Gels on the run and a good amount of water.  Now it’s time to taper a little until the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on November 5th.  Let’s hope the weather cooperates this year!  It was ~25 degrees last year on the day of the monumental marathon.  See my previous post!

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