19.2 Miles

Today I ran a whopping 19.2 miles toward my Goofy Challenge training. I did a 5 mile walk yesterday to mimic a “Goofy Weekend Experience”.  It felt good to do some distance, but I was dragging those last 6 miles.  One thing I still need to work on is pacing.  My Garmin is helping a lot, but I still find myself speeding up too soon in the overall distance.  And I could have used another Accel Gel today too.

I’m thinking of trying to add some Accel powder to my drinking water [camel bak] initially since that’s what I’m used to on my shorter runs.  The constant sport drink seems to do my system better than the Gel “dump” every 45 minutes.

I hope all your runs went well this weekend that you enjoyed the cooler temps!

Happy Training!


One thought on “19.2 Miles”

  1. Nice job-19.2! Wow! I need to get in on one of these runs with you. Have you tried to drop the watch on the long runs and just focus on your breathing and listening to your body? No music either? I know it may sound crazy but you should try it, you may like it! Sometimes I think our bodies keep a better pace for us if we listen to them and really focus. We should talk about it.

    You could try doing the Accelerade powder and the Accel gel as long as your stomach can handle it. I take them both on long training days and races. Anything to avoid bonking! Thanks for the Accelerade recommendation, I love it!

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