The Big Slacker!

Not in working out…..from updating you all on my happenings, training, etc!

Wow, has it been a busy few weeks!  Besides starting my PhD, continuing my full-time job, and planning my wedding (with the help of my fiancee of course!) all the while training for my next full-marathon I have also took a 7 day vacation to Hawaii to the isle of Oahu.

A Hawaiian Sunrise out the back patio every morning!

It was great to get away from almost everything (I still did some PhD course work remotely).  But what a great place to relax, relax, and….umm oh yeah, RELAX! Except for climbing to the top of a volcano’s crater (Diamond Head) I did practically nothing except lay on a beach for seven days and considered all Hawaiian cuisine calorie free. It’s calorie free right?  Sounds right to me!  🙂

The week consisted of snorkeling, beach sitting, hot tubbing, exploring and trying all sorts of new Hawaiian delicacies.

As I’ve said repeatedly in previous posts, these are the times to let go and just enjoy. These are the times when it’s okay to indulge and step away from the training to truly enjoy yourself in every way. I got extra rest every day, ate what I wanted and didn’t count a single calorie…because there were none in Hawaiian cuisine…remember?

After I got back I took a couple days to get rid of the jet lag and then jumped right back into my training!  I lifted weights last Wednesday at lunch and then ran 8 miles on Thursday morning. Today (Saturday) I walked 5 miles as a part of my “Goofy Training Program”. Tomorrow I will run 17-18 miles.

If you were wondering, my weight fluctuated only 5 pounds during the vacation probably due to the extra salt intake.  Considering I’ll go for 30 miles this week and next week, I’m not so concerned about the weight fluctuation.  I’m within 10 pounds of my target weight now and still have over 3 months left to train before the Goofy Challenge in January!

Happy Training!


One thought on “The Big Slacker!”

  1. Vacation sounds nice! I am glad that you were able to find the time to get away and treat yourself. I can’t believe you are just 10 pounds within your weight limit, that’s so GREAT! You work so hard, it’s amazing! Hey, is it okay if I set up a link to your blog for clients to follow?

    Also, I realize you will probably never loan a book to me again. I am almost there, I promise! I found time to read on our way to Ohio this weekend. I am sorry I am so slow. Sitting and reading is hard with everything going on and 2 little ones running around the house 🙂 Anyway, I have not forgotten about the book and I should have it to you soon!

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