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An Apology to My Knees….from a Runner

I realized the other day that I have yet to sufficiently apologize to my knees. No, that’s not autocorrect from “niece”…she’s good. I’m talking about the two joints that every runner loves there in the middle of our legs.

If you follow my story then you know that in late 2009 I took up the activity of running. It’ll be my 5-year running anniversary this December. I’ve put thousands of miles on my knees while running. I’ve ran 44 races to date and I’m adding two more this month alone! It is time. It is time I apologized. My knees deserve an apology at this point. They’ve been waiting a long time. So here it is. The moment my knees have been waiting for since longer than I care to admit.

Dear Knees,

I am sorry I waited until I was 33 years old to start running. It wasn’t fair to you, both of you, to keep you weak for that long while also forcing you to carry my fat ass around all day. I know I could have made you stronger a lot sooner by taking up running sooner, but I was scared. I know, that’s no excuse. What the hell did I have to be scared of anyway? I was also ignorant. I’ll admit it you don’t have to agree so quickly…jerks. Ok, sorry, this IS an apology after all. I was ignorant and wanted to blame anything for my aches and pains, your aches and pains rather than my inability to get off the couch. I just “didn’t have the time,” remember?

I understand now that running has been the best gift I could have given you to make you stronger, ache less, and feel better all day especially on those days when we are on our feet all day. Oh, by the way, send my best to our feet…you live closer after all.

To wrap this up tell your ligaments, tendons and surrounding muscular structure not to worry. I will continue running well into my 70s and 80s.  I may slow down, but I will not allow sitting around to weaken you to the point where I blame daily activities for a weakened state and the aches and pains of being lazy like I did for too long.

One last thing, shorts weather is coming so look alive down there!

Your friend,

Chicago Marathon – Team Salute

Running for a Good Cause

For this installment of Running Down a Dream 23 I’d like to call out a friend of mine, Dennis Wright, who is running the Chicago Marathon on October 7th which also happens to be my birthday, but that’s beside the point for this post…I like gifts having to do with running & Disney by the way. Dennis is running as a member of Team Salute.

What is Team Salute?

A team formed by SALUTE, INC. SALUTE, INC., passionately pursues meeting the financial, physical and emotional needs of the military service members, veterans and their families. They strive to raise awareness of their sacrifices and provide a safety net to ensure every military family is treated with honor and dignity.

About Dennis

Dennis is a runner and duathlete in the Greater Indianapolis Area who is crazy enough to follow me on long trail runs occasionally and who continually motivates those around him to be better…he does it nicely…most of the time.  🙂

So yes, I’m asking you to support Dennis with whatever you can spare!  Just click on his name anywhere in this blog post to go to his donation page. If we all gave $5 then wow, what a difference we would make for those people who protect us every day with their own lives.

Thank you in advance for your donations! I appreciate it, I know Dennis appreciates it as well, and most certainly the veterans and their families appreciate it most of all. Again, thank you!

Happy Training,


Because We Are Runners

Note to Readers: This is not my original work, but a blog post or a tweet with just a link wouldn’t do it justice. So read on or even better click the link of the title below to take you to the original blog post of I Keep Running. The author is Scott McMurtrey, an ultra marathoner.


We will go on a run today because we are runners.

We will run tomorrow, too. And we will run the next day. This is who we are.

Running is not a hobby.
Running is not a phase we are going through. We will not get it out of our system.We will sign up for our second marathon the day after finishing our first marathon.

We will wake early every morning to feel the new sun on our legs. To feel fresh snow under our feet. To feel the wind against our backs. To hear birds and newspaper trucks and our favorite playlists. We will watch early-morning clouds move across mountains and we will taste salt on our lips.

We will run when we are at our smiling happiest. We will run when we are at our saddest sad. We will run when we are tired or sick or married or alone. We will run when we have kids and when loved ones pass away. We will run with souls full of heartache and compassion and trust and overflowing love.

We will run to share our love.

We will run to test our own limits, to prove to ourselves that we can do it.

We will run for our health. We will run if only to listen to our own hearts beating for miles. We will run to feel every muscle. We will run to sing as loud as we can in the middle of the woods.

We will run on dirt and sand and mud and concrete and asphalt and gravel and rock and grass and cinder and rubber.

We will run to see how far the trail will go. We will run to see what speeds the sidewalk can handle. We will run between buildings and canyons, and we will believe we are free.

We will run to feel the earth moving under our feet.

We will run to celebrate the life that is flowing through our bodies.

The 2012 Goofy Challenge Recap

This is my first multi-page post (fancy I know). Please click the title of the post above if you don’t see the page numbers at the bottom of the first page.  🙂

The 2012 Goofy Challenge is over and I am happy to say I arrived on the other side of 39.3 miles (+3.1) unscathed!  Kate and I arrived at Disney World on Thursday this year and went straight to the Expo after dropping by the hotel to see if our room was ready (it wasn’t). We stayed at the Hilton Grand Vacation near the Vineland Premium Outlets just a 5 minute drive from Disney property.  Why stay off property you ask?  Two words…Jacuzzi Tub, but more on that later!

While at the Expo I picked up a new wardrobe of running shirts as each of the three races came with a shirt and I also purchased Goofy Challenge memorabilia and two coast-to-coast challenge shirts as I’m doing the Disneyland Half Marathon in September. Be sure to register on January 18th, 2012 if you missed the registration at the Expo!

One of the best things about the Expo was getting to meet a long time twitter follower, Facebook friend, and Disney Mom’s Panelist…Deborah Bowen also known as @DisneyDeborah on Twitter!

I met Deborah for the first time Thursday!
Deborah after crossing the Marathon finish line!

Deborah is not only a fantastic person and friend, but also completed her first full marathon on Sunday!  So proud of her!

The Big Slacker!

Not in working out…..from updating you all on my happenings, training, etc!

Wow, has it been a busy few weeks!  Besides starting my PhD, continuing my full-time job, and planning my wedding (with the help of my fiancee of course!) all the while training for my next full-marathon I have also took a 7 day vacation to Hawaii to the isle of Oahu.

A Hawaiian Sunrise out the back patio every morning!

It was great to get away from almost everything (I still did some PhD course work remotely).  But what a great place to relax, relax, and….umm oh yeah, RELAX! Except for climbing to the top of a volcano’s crater (Diamond Head) I did practically nothing except lay on a beach for seven days and considered all Hawaiian cuisine calorie free. It’s calorie free right?  Sounds right to me!  🙂

The week consisted of snorkeling, beach sitting, hot tubbing, exploring and trying all sorts of new Hawaiian delicacies.

As I’ve said repeatedly in previous posts, these are the times to let go and just enjoy. These are the times when it’s okay to indulge and step away from the training to truly enjoy yourself in every way. I got extra rest every day, ate what I wanted and didn’t count a single calorie…because there were none in Hawaiian cuisine…remember?

After I got back I took a couple days to get rid of the jet lag and then jumped right back into my training!  I lifted weights last Wednesday at lunch and then ran 8 miles on Thursday morning. Today (Saturday) I walked 5 miles as a part of my “Goofy Training Program”. Tomorrow I will run 17-18 miles.

If you were wondering, my weight fluctuated only 5 pounds during the vacation probably due to the extra salt intake.  Considering I’ll go for 30 miles this week and next week, I’m not so concerned about the weight fluctuation.  I’m within 10 pounds of my target weight now and still have over 3 months left to train before the Goofy Challenge in January!

Happy Training!