The 2012 Goofy Challenge Recap

5K Friday hosted by the Three Caballeros!

The 5K was on Friday. Kate and I walked this event together after meeting up with several other members of the WDW Radio Running Team! The team was able to sponsor two Make-a-Wish Kids this year! It was great to be able to know that we brought joy to two families. The 5K was an enjoyable stroll thru EPCOT and the first 3.1 miles of the weekend! After the race Kate and I met up with several members of the WDW Radio Running Team for a group picture. The team grew this year by double or triple!  I met so many new people with a passion for both running and Disney this weekend. Everyone is very genuine. I couldn’t ask for a better team to run with, support, and come together for a common cause.

A few of the WDW Radio Running Team members got together for a pic after the 5K
Kate and I walking the 5K in our "Blue Tide" gear!

12 thoughts on “The 2012 Goofy Challenge Recap”

  1. Loved reading this! Thanks for giving me a glimpse of what goes on during the runs. Loved how many characters they had out for you all. Super fun. Have just started running and am doing my 2nd 5K next Friday night at Disneyland. Thinking of registering for the Sept Disneyland 1/2! May just see ya there 🙂

  2. So proud of you and your accomplishments! I really enjoyed reading about the races and I love that you took pictures, had a beer and truly took in the whoe experience. I think in a couple of years (when the girls are a little bigger), I will go for the challenge too, thanks to you!

  3. Congratulations – What an awesome accomplishment! I just ran the inaugural Tinker Bell Half this weekend and can’t wait until March to register for Wine and Dine so I can get my Coast to Coast 🙂 I have 3 friends going Goofy in 2013 and they’re trying to talk me into it (I ran my first marathon in Oct 2011). We shall see, but knowing you can buy beer right before the finish line just might be the difference between going Goofy or not!

  4. Very cool… I’m hoping to run the 2013 Goofy Challenge (assuming the world doesn’t end in December), so it was very fun reading your recap. Any tips on training?

    1. Hey Mike – Sorry for the late reply. I have boat loads of tips, but consistency is #1. Find a training plan and stick to it. #2 Tip is rest and recovery! There are a lot of miles to be run so take your rest days seriously and get the recovery you need so you can keep going. I wrote a blog on recovery during the Goofy weekend that’ll help on that topic. I’m happy to chat more if you have questions!


  5. Great post! I was at the marathon in Jan. and will be running my first half at WDW in 2013! I’m staying on property but have friends going who are staying off. How do you find the transportation to the race from off property? do you drive and where you do find instructions on where to parK?


    1. Diane, you will have a fantastic time! I just finished the Coast-2-Coast challenge by running the Disneyland half and it was great! runDisney knows how to put on a race! Let me know if you have any questions about Marathon weekend. I’m happy to help!

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