Tapering for the Dopey Challenge

It’s that time in my training to start the tapering process and I couldn’t be happier.  The Monumental Marathon in early November did something to my left knee so I’ve been babying it ever since. I actually started last week (1 week early) due to the knee.  I finished up my last long run of 20 miles a couple weekends ago and then ran the Jingle Bell Run last weekend.

Today I ran my first 4 miles with zero pain, twinges or other knee maladies! Woo!  Still I have a short 10-12 miler this weekend and I’m hoping between my rehab efforts and my knee brace I will get thru just fine. I also switched back to an older pair of shoes I had that seemed to help a bit.

In other news I am working out in the mornings again for a few weeks and have even done a couple two-a-day workouts to get a little more weight lifting and easy cardio in for the holiday season.  My wife and my mother are both excellent cooks so I have to burn some extra calories somewhere!  🙂 Christmas is the time to go ahead and have that slice of pumpkin pie or a few more slices of turkey…just run an extra mile or two to make up for the splurge!

My next post will be all about packing for the trip down to Disney World.  I’ll need a bit of equipment to get thru 42.4 miles!

Happy Training!


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