Goofy (Dopey) Packing!!

The time has come to make the packing list for the 2012 Disney World Marathon Weekend!  This year is a bit different for me since I’m packing for not one, NOT two, but THREE RACES!  I must be well…..Dopey!

The List:

  • Running Waivers x2 – I can print them at the Expo, but why have an extra step…I want my BIBs NOW!
  • Running Shoes x 2 –  A single pair may not be dry by the time the marathon rolls around at 3am after completing the half the previous day!
  • Running Socks x 3 pair – I use Under Armour Socks
  • WDW Radio Running Team Shirts x3 – Gotta Represent!
  • WDW Radio Running Team Bandanas x 3 – Still Representing!
  • Under Armour Cold Gear – 2 tops & 2 bottoms – It’s usually in the mid-30s on the morning of the races and one year there was freezing rain…
  • Combos Snacks – Pizza or Cheddar Cheese Flavor (I just like ’em)
  • Running shorts x 3 – A little extra warmth and wind resistance…down there.
  • Gels – I use Pacific Labs Accel Gels since they have a little protein to improve endurance
  • Body Glide – A must for multiple races!
  • EAS Shakes x3 – For recovery…of which there is very little between these races so nutrition is extra important!
  • iPod – Gotta make sure I can shuffle everyday
  • iPod arm case – I’m not carrying it for 42.4 miles…it’ll get heavy!
  • yurBuds – Gotta have these or I can’t use my iPod…small ear lobes
  • Knee braces x2 – What? I’m not superman….it’s 42.4 miles!!
  • Extra safety pins for pinning on the bibs (I need 8 total)
  • Bio Freeze – Good to have Saturday….praying there’s some left Sunday…
  • Ibuprofen – For Monday….and the rest of the week too.
  • More ibuprofen….
  • BlackBerry – For updating Facebook & Twitter along the course as well as camera purposes
  • Large Trash Bags x 3 – For extra warmth – Hefty Hefty Heeefty!
  • Fuel Belt – To carry gels and such
  • Sport watch or GPS device – If you so desire!

Ok, if I sat here longer I could probably think of other things to add to the list but these are my minimums for MY trip.

Hope to see some of you down there at Disney either running beside me or cheering me on as I run by!

Happy Training!


7 thoughts on “Goofy (Dopey) Packing!!”

  1. Ahhh! I forgot to print out my waivers at work last week, and not sure if I’ll be going into the office at all until the trip. hmm…looks like I’ll be heading to my dads to print some stuff out!

  2. Great list! I started my list tonight & couldn’t believe I forgot things lIke glide, yurbuds & iPod! Good luck with the races! I’m doing the full… My very first one!

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