I runDisney Coast-2-Coast

In January I ran the Goofy Challenge to become eligible for the runDisney Coast-2-Coast medal should I decide to venture out to Disneyland for a half marathon in the same year.  Over Labor Day weekend I took the pilgrimage to Walt’s original playground to bring home double bling.

Kate and I arrived on Saturday, grabbed a rental car at LAX and drove straight to Disneyland for the Expo and to get my bib. The Disneyland Half Marathon being a smaller race than its East coast big brother has the bib numbers spread across the available corrals A – G with seeded runners in each corral.

Disneyland, CA Half Marathon – The Expo

Before the race I met up with some of my fellow WDW Radio Running Team members! I’m in the back with the blue headband.

A few of the WDW Radio Running Team members at the Disneyland half marathon

I started in corral A and since I hadn’t done any speed work for a couple weeks decided to hang with the 1:40 pacer until I got to the first photo opp.  Know that I am not that speedy so it was an intense first couple miles!

Over the next 13.1 miles I took a lot of pictures, chatted with other runners and even ran a few miles with Jeff Galloway and his wife Barbara who were just coming off a race out in Alaska so they were taking it easy.

Time to go!

Now most people know to not go out too fast for a race…..but since I really just wanted to run 13.1 miles, take a bunch of pictures, have a lot of fun, and grab double bling…and not take TOO long to start my vacation…I took off like Scrooge McDuck chasing a penny rolling down the street!  After all, the ESPN zone awaited with beer and food.

So after a 2+ mile sprint I started taking my time to meet some of the Disneyland ladies! Don’t worry, my wife doesn’t mind as long as I get good pictures!

First I met Ariel and we had a blast! I didn’t check for flippers.


Next I met this chic. She had to lean on me a bit since she only had one shoe!


Not too far down the road was this lovely lady. She kept talking about her seven roommates…weird.

Snow White

Then I ran into this beauty, but she kept falling asleep on me!  My fellow runners will tell you that I’m not THAT boring so I assume mild narcolepsy. I think the camera guy even nodded off hence the fuzzy pic.

Sleeping Beauty

Finally I found these two hanging around outside the Acorn Club.

Daisy & Clarice

Past the pleasant company of royalty and club dancers I ran into some rough looking characters. I was afraid they’d send me to Detention Block AA-23 so I moved along quickly.

Once outside the Disneyland parks I was left to my own thoughts for several miles as I ran through Anaheim making my way to Angels stadium. Before I reached the stadium I ran into Jeff Galloway and his wife Barbara.

Jeff & Barbara

The team was not at home so we were able to run on clay dirt around the edge of the field. It was a great experience to be in the major league stadium. The seats were filled with screaming fans which made it all the more memorable!

After Angel’s stadium (I have a great video on my timeline if we are Facebook friends!) I was in the home stretch and ready for some treats at the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney!

Only a 5K to go!

Before I knew it I was thinking of the Finish Line and my double bling!

Soon I would cross the finish line and claim my double bling!

And then it was all over and I was headed to find my wife! But before I found my Kate I had a couple things to pick up.

Bling #1 – The Big D never looked so good!

Then a short walk to the right and I could see what I’d been hoping to earn for months, The Coast-to-Coast Challenge Medal!!

Bling #2!

Next I met a few WDW Radio Running Team members at the ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney, had lunch and started having fun in DCA shortly after!  That night we had another meet-up at the Wine and Country Trattoria with special seating to see the World of Color show that night!  Overall, this was a fantastic experience!

The World of Color show is a Must See!!

My next challenge is November 3rd when I’ll be running my first 50 mile ultra marathon! Wish me luck!

Happy Training!


10 thoughts on “I runDisney Coast-2-Coast”

    1. Awesome Bari! I did W&D it’s first year and it was beyond great! Running the parks at night especially DAK is a great experience. I have some other races I want to complete, but W&D is one I want to do again before too long.

  1. Hi Brian, Congratulations on the C2C! I got mine at the DL Half as well. I loved running through Angels Stadium, the fans cheering in the stands were a nice surprise! Good luck on the ultramarathon, I couldn’t even imagine 50 miles! Look forward to reading about it!

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