Midweek Update!

This midweek update is brought to you by the letter “R” for RUN!

So far my official training (all 3 days of it) is going well. This training cycle I’m adding more back-to-back runs during the week and slowly increasing my overall training volume as I inch toward the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. It’s hard to believe I’ll be back for my fourth trip around the world in just over 111 days!

Training on Tuesday was a 3 mile run. I pushed the speed on this shorter run so I was running at a sub 9-minute/mile pace except for the warm up. I also managed to get an extra 1.5 miles of walking on campus going to my classes. I am working on my PhD in Education so I park as far away as possible from the building where my classes are held so I can get just a bit more of a calorie burn for Tuesdays. These little things that we can do to add miles here and there are important. The only time I don’t do this is if I am on a rest day.

Training this morning was a 5 mile run. I kept it at a 10-minute/mile pace until the last mile then dropped to a ~9min pace. I plan on doing an Insanity Plyometrics video once I get the kids off to school then it’s time to get down to the work day.

So here’s your motivation for running this week!  See image below!

Soon you and I will be running thru here!
Soon you and I will be running thru here!

Happy Training!


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