And so it begins…the training journey to Disney’s Marathon Weekend

While I’m always working out, hitting the weights, doing an Insanity video, going for a run or a ride or just taking a brisk walk/hike, Monday marked the first day of my own official Walt Disney World Marathon training plan.  This year I will be running just the marathon on Sunday which means I will feel great for running around EPCOT on Sunday afternoon/evening!

I’ll be running the Disney marathon with three good friends and fellow runners on the WDW Radio Running Team which is exciting as marathon weekend is one of the only times the four of us are all in the same part of the country at the same time!

To kick off Monday’s training I woke up with a killer pain in my lower back from this past weekend’s camping trip. We stayed in cabins, but was so happy when the cots gave us that real “sleeping on the ground” experience!

Not to be deterred I went to the gym anyway and rode the bike for 8 miles and then spent 25 minutes lifting weights.  I primarily am going to focus on dumbbells over the next 16 weeks and go for an all body workout hitting the major muscle groups. Here’s what I planned out for my Monday morning cross training.

First, I hit the bike. It’s a nice way to warm up and it does wonders for strengthening the leg muscles, tendons and ligaments especially around the knee joint. The gym bike allows me to adjust the resistance to either work on foot turnover which helps speed on the run or just to get a good alternative workout from running. Next I lift some weights.  I only do free weights as the machines are much less effective at strengthening muscles. Why? Because the machine balances the weight for you which makes it easier.  All the little muscles that you would use to balance a dumbbell above your head are taken out of the picture or severely lessened. Therefore, I use free weights only. Time is a factor in the morning so I focus on the big muscle groups.

  • Back
  • Legs
  • Chest
  • Shoulders

I usually do 3 sets of 8-10 reps or 5 sets of 5 repetitions. I’ve been using dumbbells a lot as this allows me to quickly change weight for a specific exercise and it’s safer since I don’t workout with a partner who would spot me.

After my visit to the gym I went home and before the day was finished I did an Insanity workout video focused on cardio recovery. The workout consists of lots of stretching and plank work for the core. Overall, my back was feeling great by the time I was warmed up and stretched out.  I can’t wait to get going on my three run this week!

Happy Training!


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