Don’t Stay Thirsty My friends!

Remember to stay hydrated out there when the humidity and temperature are high! I wore two hydration belts today on my long run so I could bring an extra 12 ounces with me. Drink at regular intervals (mile markers are easy) so you keep your hydration in check. It’s a good idea to weigh yourself before and after runs so you know how much water weight you’ve lost. You will weigh less after a run. Don’t let this fool you into thinking this is all an actual loss of body fat / weight…you need to replenish those fluids lost on the run.

Hot Day
The dog days of summer have arrived and they are barking mad!!

During my long run today my weight dropped 3.4 pounds on the run. That was with drinking at regular intervals and downing 28 ounces of water total across 10.23 miles. I felt good afterwards and when I got home I had my protein recovery shake and continued to sip water as I recovered.

I also slowed my pace on this run as I knew I shouldn’t try to maintain my usual pace and wouldn’t be able to regardless with today’s conditions of high heat and humidity.  So today I went out, got the mileage and enjoyed the run.

Happy Training!


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