TCE – The Past Week / Weekend Ahead

The past week has been filled with work, recovery, and more than a bit of vacationing. The end of last week moving into the weekend proved to be a successful taper for Saturday’s race at my alma mater, Purdue University. The 7th Annual Purdue Boilermaker Half Marathon was a success. I ended up traversing the 13.1 miles in 02:38:57.8 which was by far not my fastest time for the course or in general, but the time spent at my home away from home was fun as always.


As soon as I finished the race I walked to my truck and drove back to Indianapolis to pick up a U-Haul trailer, load it, and head for Gulf Shores, AL. I’ve been down here with the family relaxing on the beach for several days which has been great for half marathon recovery purposes!

The sun rises are spectacular!

With my butt in the sand and a beverage in my hand I’ve noticed my recovery has been splendid! It doesn’t hurt to have my pup with me! Aussies help with recovery….it’s a well known fact.


Just a bit more time in paradise before returning home to a new training plan to start preparing for the 50th Annual Sam Costa Half Marathon in March.

The sunsets here aren’t too bad either.

Happy Training!







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